About Us

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Working Together for Better Care

St. Luke's Health Texas Health Network is a physician-led Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) that brings together primary care physicians, specialists, ancillary providers, and hospitals in an effort to meet the future needs of healthcare. Healthcare providers will work together to improve the health of populations, improving care for individuals while lowering the cost of that care. Through agreements with payors and employers, healthcare providers have the opportunity to reach more patients and to shape this emerging system. Healthcare providers will have access to data that will assist them in meeting this goal. When we all work together, we can all succeed!

St. Luke's Health Texas Health Network was established with the mission of reducing medical expenses while improving the quality of care and increasing patient satisfaction. The CIN aims to achieve this goal by providing patients with highly coordinated healthcare services in a setting where clinical decisions are based upon physician leadership and best practices. The CIN seeks to establish a patient-centric delivery model supported by all participants.

Our team is an extension of your team. As a member of St. Luke's Health Texas Health Network CIN, you will have access to Care Management. A Care Manager is a registered nurse or social worker who will work closely with your patients to develop a customized approach to their specific healthcare needs. It’s a Care Manager’s responsibility to educate patients on their disease process, and to address medical questions and any other questions patients and families might have. The Care Manager will ensure patients’ comprehension and ability to comply with the developed treatment plans. Further, your patients will be supported with appointment scheduling assistance. Rounding out patient engagement with an emphasis on preventive care, Medical Assistants work to close the gaps in your patients’ wellness plans by assisting them with scheduling annual wellness visits and other procedures, such as mammograms and colonoscopies.

Imagine maintaining the freedom and autonomy of your own practice while being able to connect with other like-minded healthcare providers who are committed to providing superior patient care, utilizing metrics and best practices in medicine. St. Luke's Health Texas Health Network allows you to do just that. The CIN provides an atmosphere focused on creating opportunities. Together with like-minded physicians, you will be able to expand your patient base and pursue a higher level of patient care by promoting common goals. Through our network approach, you will be able to focus on improving your patients’ health while having a partner to increase your network and the quality of services provided. The CIN model also benefits you through:

  • The opportunity to earn incentives for optimal performance, based on metrics;
  • Improved compliance with evidence-based medicine guidelines;
  • Streamlined physician payor contracting; and
  • Greater efficiency overall in the delivery of healthcare.
  • With added efficiency and the ability to reach the people who need you the most, your practice can be more fulfilling than ever.

    Similar to Texas, our St. Luke's Health Texas Health Network CIN is expansive and covers several different regions. With the belief that healthcare needs to be local to reflect the specific needs of each area, our network is comprised of three distinct chapters. These chapters—Houston, Lufkin/Livingston, and Bryan/College Station—create the opportunity to align providers with the respective local hospitals that are part of the St. Luke's Health Texas Health Network. These efforts allow for greater physician input into the decisions that affect each chapter.